Sunday Shopping

Years ago when the boys were really little and Laura wasn’t even born yet, pretty much every Sunday we would go out for breakfast and then walk around the stores. Of course, times changes, kids (and appetites!) get bigger and let’s face it — we don’t always have a Sunday where everyone is free. But today we did so we took advantage of that.

We went out for lunch at the Chinese buffet, which Drew and Laura had both been craving. I haven’t been that into Chinese food lately, but there is always something I can eat there so everyone enjoyed themselves. After that we went to Barnes & Noble for a bit. Noah & Laura both found a couple books they were interested in, so we got those. 

Sadly, our local Bed, Bath, and Beyond is one that is closing, so we wanted to see what was left. We were hoping to find some dorm stuff for Noah and we got lucky with sheets and a comforter set! Laura found a comforter set she liked as well, and the price was right so she got that. I found a few things too.

Fall is my favorite, so I couldn’t resist these two fall-themed trays. They will get lots of use here! I also picked up a holiday candle for next winter.

These cloth napkin sets were so inexpensive and the colors are very springy so I grabbed two sets of each color – a light blue and a seafoam (I know it’s hard to see in the picture).

This was a real treat to find! I have wanted one of these “6 in 1” type of serving sets for years. It can be a covered cake stand, a punch bowl, a salad set, a chip & dip set, a pie stand… It is heavy glass, too — not acrylic — so it should last a long time. I think I may have to bake a cake tomorrow to try it out!

We spent a lot of time in BB&B and I was getting worn out. We ran into Dollar Tree while Drew gassed up the car and I found just a couple more spring themed items.

The Dollar Tree signs are not great quality, but they have some really cute designs and since this one will just be in the house, it should be fine for a while. I also picked up some pretty napkins. I absolutely love pretty, seasonal napkins and grab a package whenever I see a design I love. I may use a few of these for some crafts I have in mind. And last, I had to grab a couple bags of candy! I have not yet tried the sour patch grapes, so I am looking forward to that taste test. The sour watermelons are one of my all-time favorites candies.

So that was a fun afternoon! After we got home I threw a load of laundry in the washing machine, and started a corned beef in the Instant Pot for tomorrow.

Hope you had a lovely Sunday as well!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Shopping

  1. Jean

    Oh, that sounds like a fun shopping day! I like your cake stand. Need to go see what’s happening at our Bed, Bath, and Beyond. It’s probably one of the ones closing as well.

  2. Debbie

    What a fun day! I forgot that BB&B was closing! That’s one of my favorite stores. I’ll have to check the one close by and see what’s happening. And I’ve never seen a cake stand/all in one like that! That will come in handy for so many occasions.

    Sounds like you had a great day of shopping! Makes me want to go 🙂


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