Sucking It Up

I’ve been considering getting a new vacuum. I currently have a Hoover Wind Tunnel that I bought 6 or 7 years ago (one of my final purchases at Bradlees, for anyone who remember that old chain), and it’s seen a lot of action from pet hair to popcorn. The bags fill up fast (at least at my house) and a lot of dust comes out when I change them. Several times it’s gotten all over the floor, which is really frustrating. So I’ve casually been looking at vacuums lately. I’m not sure I really want to buy one right now, but it doesn’t hurt to look. Considering all the cat hair in our house (Maggie sheds a lot, and has a neurotic habit of pulling out fur), the Dyson Animal might be good. This line is known for being able to suck up large quantities of pet hair without sacrificing performance. When the time does come for my Hoover to be replaced, I think I’m seriously going to consider one of the Dyson models.

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  1. jesser says:

    We have a Kenmore that’s *ack* 5 years old. It’s held up remarkably well and does OK on the pet hair. I have heard good things about the Dysons, but the thought of dropping that kinda cash for a vacuum sickens me a little.

  2. Angie says:

    I bought a basic model Dyson about two years ago or so and I LOVE it! When I first got it, I wondered why I had waited so long and I still feel like it is the best thing I have bought myself in years.

    I actually miss it. I let my ex keep it at the house while it is on the market.

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