Such a mess

We really need to do some cleaning up in the basement. I’ve been opening boxes as the prospect of selling our house gets grimmer and grimmer, so there are opened boxes half-full of kitchen stuff. Then there is my scrapbook table that is a disaster because I needed my stamps for something the other day (see — I didn’t get rid of everything!) and the stamps and ink pads are all spread out. And then there is the desk. It has our ancient computer that really we should just get rid of, the wireless router and cable modem, plus stacks of papers… ugh, I can’t stand it. And yet, every time I made an attempt to clean it up, I get about halfway through before I’m interrupted. Then I have to go do something else and by the next time I can clean, it’s back to square one. Sigh… Sometimes I feel like the battle against clutter is a losing one.

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  1. I so feel your pain!

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