Stylin’ Mama

For quite some time I have been coveting one of the gorgeous hostess aprons from Sommer Designs. I had promised myself I could buy one when we sold the house. Of course, that doesn’t appear to be happening. And on Christmas Eve as I was doing hours of prep work I realized that the dish towel I tucked into my jeans for a makeshift apron was lame, at best. So I decided that I would treat myself. Last night while browsing Etsy, I somehow came across the Sommer Designs Etsy shop where she has a few overstock aprons at a discount, so I figured that was a sign and I bought this one. I think it’s very cute and I am so excited to be cooking with style!

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  1. flygrrl says:

    Oh that is so cute! I also love the block printed ones on Etsy by Artgoodies. I bought a couple of her kid-sized ones with owls for my friend’s twins last Christmas.

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