Still Brrrrr!

Goodness, my fingers are almost too cold to type! I want to get some gift knitting in this afternoon, but my hands seriously need to warm up first. At least the sun is shining, though!

So my dad just left about an hour ago. He came for a little sleepover with the boys and they had such a great time playing with him! Dad also helped Drew with the electrical work in our upstairs bathroom, so the new light and vent fan are now in – yay! He also helped hang our medicine chest (it’s one we had years ago in Ossining — we bought it from Restoration Hardware and I love it so much). The medicine chest is an absolute BEAST, but it looks very nice. This morning I put up the new shower curtain and voila! Bathroom makeover complete 🙂

Last night Drew wanted to run into Best Buy for something, so while he was buying that, we wandered around looking at plasma TVs and GPS systems. The we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner, since Dad had never been there. We all had a really good time.

Today I’m working on laundry. I think I’ll just make tacos for dinner. I’m also considering making the Double Chocolate Snack Cake that Monica wrote about this week. Doesn’t that look so good? And no eggs, either! And then like I said, maybe I will work on a knitting project if my hands ever thaw.

Wishing you a warm, toasty day!

5 Replies to “Still Brrrrr!”

  1. Mmm Buffalo Wild WIngs. Yummy! You have all the restaurants and stores I wish I had near me.

  2. There’s one of those restaurants in my hometown … will have to try it out sometime! I’m freezing, too. My hands are cold! That cake sounds delicious. We love our GPS system ~ I’m going to use it tomorrow to see whether it takes me on a different route to get to your house! 🙂

  3. By the way, that snack cake looks DELICIOUS. OMG. I *so* want to try that sometime! We are always out of eggs, it seems!

    Happy 12 weeks today!!!!!

  4. I really did have a good time with the boys. I just wish I had that much energy. Buffalo Wild Wings was pretty good also.

  5. i know what ya mean… my hands are soooo freaking cold that it is killing me to type some days when looking at blogs lol…

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