Spring Wreath

One of my goals for the year was to spend more time on my hobbies. I have always loved crafting. When I was really little and had a subscription to “Highlights” magazine, I remember the arts & crafts section was my favorite! In high school I handmade lots of cards and used to love making those fabric covered photo albums (oh, my goodness, who else remembers those?) Over the years I have enjoyed creating all kinds of things and since taking my current job a few years ago, and balancing it with the kids and everything else that still needs to be done at home, it has been challenging to find a balance, but I think I am finally there!

I wanted to make a new wreath for the front door and I was inspired by another crafter in a Dollar Tree Facebook group I belong to. I fell in love with the design and was so happy to find all the supplies at my local store! This afternoon I spent some quality time with my trusty glue gun and within a half-hour or so had this Easter/Spring wreath to hang up. 

With my Spring decorating underway, I now just need the warmer weather to go along with it!

4 Replies to “Spring Wreath”

  1. You are very talented with crafts..very nice wreath for spring.

    1. Thank you, Agnes!

  2. That wreath is so pretty, you are very talented. I mostly missed out on the crafting genes but so in awe of what everyone else creates. Yes, we could all use some warmer weather!

    1. Wreaths are pretty easy and almost instant gratification. 30 minutes and a glue gun was all this took. The bow was the trickiest, but luckily there is YouTube!

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