Spring Decorating!

springdecorating.jpg Ah, spring! It’s my favorite season and it’s just days away. I’ve got plans to start my spring cleaning so I haven’t done a lot in the way of decorating, but a little bit here and there. A new blog read, There’s No Place Like Home, is inviting everyone in blogland to share some photos of their Spring and Easter decorations, so I thought I’d join in. I bought a package of three small bird nests with eggs a couple weeks ago at The Christmas Tree Shops for like $1.49. I knew I wanted to use one on a wreath and originally I’d planned to use a grapevine wreath and some silk flowers, but I found a wreath at Michael’s the other day (on sale, of course) that is so much prettier than I could make — plus, the cost ended up being less than if I’d bought supplies to make my own! I just stuck one of the nests at the bottom and hung it on our coat closet.

The only other thing I’ve done is our mantle. I just arranged two silk forcythia stems, the last two nests, and these two little birds that I bought at the gift shop when we were on vacation last month. Nothing terribly fancy, but it reminds me that spring is on the way!

If you’ve never read Kelli’s blog, you’re missing out — she always had the nicest seasonal decorating ideas and great recipes too. You should check out her site!

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  1. I’m so in awe of you folks that can decorate for the seasons. I barely manage Christmas!!! Looks lovely. Very springy.

  2. Hello Carol, I am new to your blog (thanks to Kelli), I to am looking forward to spring. By the way love your wine blog. I will have to read more if it tonight. Clarice

  3. Thank you for joining in for ~Spring Decorating!~ Your decorations are just lovely, I love the forcythia stems on your mantle and the nests are so sweet. Happy Spring to you!

  4. Beautiful – love the wreath

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