Spring Cleaning

I am about to embark on my spring cleaning journey. Am I ready? Uh… no. Not at all. But I’m feeling motivated, so I might as well get started. I think today I’m going to focus on the dining room. It’s not bad at all, just a lot of clutter on the table as usual. And I have to find one of the tiebacks for my curtains. (The boys are always taking them off — grr!). I’m sure it would be easier to just have roller shades, but I like the country look of my curtains. Anyway, I figure if I start with an easy room, it will give me a sense of accomplishment and I will then be ready to tackle some of the other rooms that are in rough shape, LOL… Photos later!

2 Replies to “Spring Cleaning”

  1. This should get me motivated! Thanks!

  2. Your dining room before picture is mucho better than my dining room is presently!! I need to spring clean too. I just dump “stuff” onto dining room table, has become our catchall. After 30 years in same house stuff just accumulates. I am sending my grown kids there stuff that is still in MY house. Daughter is crying uncle so told her when she ventures to Jersey again, she needs to go through and take what she really wants and rest is being donated. I still have lots of baby furniture. Some still needed (car seats/boosters) but not most unless son decides to marry and have kids. Enough ranting, thanks for being an inspiration!!

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