Spring Cleaning: Living Room

I am getting back on track with my spring cleaning and yesterday I decided to tackle the living room. Last weekend I asked Drew to bring down an armchair that had been upstairs because I wanted to rearrange the furniture, so in the “before” photos, please don’t think that I just randomly had a chair in the middle of the room! And it’s covered with a sheet and a quilt because they were still slightly damp when they came out of the dryer, but I had to get another load in there. And so, here is my living room before:




Here’s what I did:
* Dusted the baseboards, mantle, and funiture
* Cleaned endtables, armoire, and desk with Orange Glo
* Put away all toys and miscellany
* Sorted through papers on desk and filed/tossed as needed
* Rearranged furniture and a few decorations
* Vacuumed

I am so pleased with the results!




You can see from the photo that I still haven’t gotten the desk chair from my MIL’s house and I still have that nasty old office chair there. Sigh… I keep forgetting! I love the way I now have the desk arranged too. I decided since I rarely sit at the desk (I mainly use the drawers for storage) that I wanted to make it more decorative than anything. So I took a small table and put it next to the desk. On the top I have our paper shredder and on the bottom shelf I have my hanging files. Then, I took one of the hand-embroidered linens that my Babci did and put my typewriter on it. She gave me the typewriter when I was in high school or college, and it is one of my favorite things! I decided I should display it, rather than have it stored away in its case:


It took quite a while to do because Noah was being rather pesty yesterday. Sure it would have been more fun to look at Hilton Head rentals, or imagine someplace to go on vacation where someone else does all the cleaning for me, but you know what? It felt pretty darn good afterward 🙂 (even though my back was really sore!). Tomorrow I plan to tackle the kitchen, which shouldn’t be too much of a job since about a month ago I did a really deep clean. Stay tuned!

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