Someone Hide My Wallet!

Thank you all for your sweet words! Everyone is certainly excited that Babe Bee is going to help balance out the testosterone in this house, LOL. I know my Babci G. really was hoping this baby would be a girl, and she was so happy when I told her šŸ™‚ And how funny, but the first thing everyone seems to want to do is shop. I am hoping to have some “me time” on Sunday and maybe go look for a few baby girl clothes. But in the meantime, I’ve been browsing online. The selection of girls’ clothes is so vastly different from boys’ clothes. It’s just unreal! There are quite a few cute things out there though. I just love this crocheted dress from Baby Gap. How sweet would that be with tights and patent leather shoes? Not that a little baby should be wearing patent leather shoes, I guess, but… still, the idea is cute. I love this patchwork dress, too. And this knit one-piece and this embroidered top too. I might have to start doing more paid blogging in order to support all the shopping I want to do! I’m holding back for now, though because realistically I know that during the summer she’ll live in onesies, just like the boys did.

Also, and I’m getting way ahead of myself here, I really am looking forward to being able to style her hair into cute updos at some point. I’ve ooh’ed and ahh’ed over the adorable girls’ hairstyles on She Does Hair and it’s kind of cool that at some point I’ll be able to do those cute little twists and braids, too šŸ™‚ So cute!

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  1. When you are looking around this weekend… since this one will be born at the start of summer it is good to have a couple of little sweaters… AC made Lore soo cold when she was a newborn… and if we would of waited till she came around we would of never of gotten them lol…

    But yeah girl clothes WAY different… and way more of a way to suck your money out because the stuff is so stinkin’ cute lol…

  2. So true. There are just a lot more choices for cute clothes for girls. Ginger’s already turning into a clothes horse (and we have to share a closet!).

  3. I *loooooove* that pink knit one-piece!!! OMG, is that adorable or what? You are going to have SO much fun. P.S. I totally forgot to put your card inside the package that I mailed you today. I’m sorry. šŸ™ But what I said was … your daughter (DAUGHTER!!!) is *so* lucky to have you as her mom. I’m thrilled for you thinking about all of the special times that you’ll share together. šŸ™‚

  4. Congratulations! How exciting!

    Our second is also going to a boy (due in early May) but, because I’m a nice person, I will share this link for my “little girl” shoes that I’ve been saving to buy since my FIRST pregnancy.

    Drum Roll Please. I introduce to you The “Victoria” by Pediped.

    And why do I love these shoes so much? Well, not only are they super cute, but I have a pair of black sequined heels with a silver T-strap and I just can’t wait to wear them together someday to a Christmas party. Maybe with a little black velvet dress with red accents for her. That’s why.

    If you buy them, you have to tell me and post a picture! I’ll drool over them over here surrounded by boy clothes with trucks and dogs on them! šŸ™‚


  5. Hey I have a pair of baby patent leather shoes you can have. We no longer need them, I got them for free so I shall pass on the love.

    Also Thank you SO much for the hair site/blog. I need something like that. Ireland has so much hair I have NO clue what to do with it. I can’t cut it because, THE CURLS, so this will help. I ashamed to admit I can’t french braid and I seriously need to learn.

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