Some Way To Start A Holiday Weekend

For the past few days I’ve really been feeling pretty awful: achy bones, a headache, general malaise… you get the picture. Last night I woke up and was freezing, so I piled on the blankets and took my temperature when I woke up in the morning. It was around 102 F. I figured I had the flu and took a couple Advil and tried to just suck it up. Well, when I got out of the shower, I noticed that a “splotch” in my bikini area that I thought was just an ingrown hair seemed to have an outer ring surrounding it. I asked Drew to confirm it and he also thought it looked like a bullseye rash.

Fan-freaking-tastic. Anyone in the Northeast knows what that means. (Sorry, I am not so sure of how common it is elsewhere in the country.)

Now, for a variety of reasons (general good health and laziness, mostly), I don’t have a PCP. I don’t particularly like doctors and really have not needed one. Today I realized that these lovely doctors, who are supposed to care for people, won’t even see you if you are not an “established patient.” What BS. I’m telling you, my opinion of the medical industry just gets lower and lower. After freaking out and crying for a while, I remembered that there is a clinic maybe 5 miles down the road and wondered if, perchance, I might be seen there. I called at 9:30 and they told me to come by 10:30. Everyone there was so nice and just shook their heads when I told them what I’d gone through this morning. No one made me feel bad that I didn’t have a primary care doctor, no one lectured me. Both the nurse and nurse practitioner that I saw were so pleasant and took their time. I didn’t get rushed at all, and considering how worked up I was already, I really appreciated this.

As I explained my symptoms she said it sure sounded like Lyme Disease and once she took a look at the rash she said that because the bullseye was so large, she didn’t even need to do bloodwork — it was a “classic, textbook case.” (Well, I guess if I’m going to have Lyme Disease, I might as well do it right!) She wrote me out a prescription for an antibiotic and I went home, had a quick bite to eat and ran down to get it filled.

Ugh! I can’t believe I have freaking Lyme Disease! I know I’ve been bitten by two ticks, and it’s very common in this area so it’s not really a surprise. I was telling Lisanne how I’ve noticed the ticks are really bad this year. The nurse practitioner has had it three times, herself over the last several years. So I’ll be on the antibiotics for 21 days and I have to be extra careful in the sun because the meds increase sun sensitivity. Not like I’ll be wanting to spend too much time outdoors anyway 🙁 She also said that I might very well feel worse before I feel better, so that was good to know. Plus, I can’t have dairy products within 2 hours of taking my pill. I’ll have to be very vigilant about that.

On the positive side, I caught it early, which is key. I’ll just have to lay low for the next week or two and allow myself to get better. I also was sure to express my appreciation for the people at Healthquest. They are what doctors and nurses should be. Needless to say I won’t be doing anything crazy for the holiday weekend. We’re celebrating Drew’s Aunt’s birthday tomorrow, so hopefully that means I’ll have extra help keeping the boys in line and I can relax.

As if I wasn’t already obessed with checking the boys for ticks, I’m going to doing even more thorough checks. Hopefully the odds are stacked up in their favor since I’m the one who has it. It really sucks for me, so I can only imagine how much it would suck for a little kid. (I am sure Lisanne can relate — now I know what Luke was going through!).

Anyway, go set off some fireworks for me, okay?

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  1. Crap! Again, I’m really sorry you got it 🙁 I’m glad you did catch it early, though, and here’s hoping the antibiotics make you feel better and not worse.
    Rest up! *hugs*

  2. OMG! I’m sorry you got Lyme’s Disease, but thank goodness you caught it early. I hope you start feeling better soon! Don’t think I’ll be visiting you and Lisanne in the summer any time soon. Take care!

  3. Oh Carol, feel better!

  4. Golly… glad you figured it out so quickly and found cooperative medical assistance. Hope you recover quickly!

  5. Yeah, seriously ~ no one’s going to want to come visit us this summer! LOL! 🙂 I was afraid that people would be scared to come to our cookout last weekend. SO sorry that you’re going through this. Ugh ~ it’s awful. Yeah, poor Luke was feeling *so* miserable. Hope the medicine is tolerable and kicks in quickly. If you need ANYTHING, let me know. Maybe sometime I could come babysit and you could get some rest?

  6. Very sorry you are going through this. I hope you feel better very soon.

  7. I’m sorry you’ve got Lyme disease. It sounds awful. Are ticks able to be warded off at all, with insect repellent, or would you have to bath in the repellent for it to be effective? I hope you feel better soon. *hugs*

  8. Ugh I feel for ya… that is part of the reason we haven’t let Lorelei outside to play much… that and the HUGE mosquitoes too… ugh there was one bigger than her hand… I hope you feel better soon hun!!

  9. Yuck! I’m so sorry! How scary. I know what you mean about getting emergency medical care though; I went through the same thing when I had a HORRIBLE sinus infection/ear infection a couple of years ago. I did go see a PCP once just so I”d be an established patient if anything ever came up. Hope you’re feeling much better soon.

  10. bizarrogirl says: Reply

    Dude! I am so behind — obviously — but that really sucks! I’m thinking good thoughts for you, and hoping your recovery is spectacularly speedy.

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