so, the results…

Well, my doctor called me today with the results of yesterday’s ultrasound and the blood work they ran on Monday. I’m still trying to process everything, but the bottom like is that I need to go to a specialist to get my thyroid issues sorted out. My doctor is concerned because the u/s showed that I have a single nodule that measures 2 cm. Single nodules, according to the doctor and what I’ve read, are more likely to be cancerous, so I will need to have it biopsied.

My husband’s aunt worked at Phelps Hospital in Tarrytown for over 30 years, so I looked to her for an ENT recommendation. Why an ENT over an Endocrinologist? I asked the same thing, and an ENT ultimately performs the biopsy. I have an appointment on Monday Wednesday*. Unfortunately Drew has to be out of town for work, but my MIL is going to watch the boys and Drew’s aunt is coming to the appointment with me. The doctor will go over all my labwork and discuss things with me before I make an appointment for the biopsy.

Needless to say, I am a little nervous, and yes scared. I’ve had several good cries today. Although thyroid cancer is uncommon, anytime the “c-word” comes up I think it’s natural to worry. So, if you are so inclined I would really appreciate any prayers you might offer up for me. It’s probably a condition that is easily managed, but there’s always that chance. Nevertheless, I am staying positive and I’ll wait until I meet with the specialist to get more information.

* Update: I had to reschedule my appointment because I forgot Jake had a field trip and would have to miss school. Who thought a 7 year old boy would be so upset, crying, over missing a visit to the FDR Historic Site? Anyway, he was so torn up I couldn’t stand it. Now he just has to miss a playdate, but apparently that is a better trade-off in his eyes.


  1. Lisanne says:

    Thanks for the update. You know how nervous I was about my first mammogram … the “c” word floated around in my head, but thank GOD it was nothing. I hope that it’ll turn out to be just nothing in your case, too, and that everything is easily treatable. Prayers definitely being said for you!!!

  2. Carrie says:

    This might not make you feel better right now, but when my mother had thyroid cancer about ten years ago, my surgeon brother-in-law told me that if you had to get any cancer at all, thyroid cancer is the one you’d want. The cure rate is just about 100%. (This actually did console me, especially considering that the odds are highly stacked in favor of me developing thyroid disease and/or cancer eventually.)

    But of course you have my prayers that it’s not cancer! 🙂

  3. mar says:

    Just getting caught up … sending **big hugs** your way. I’m sure all is well but I’ll think nothing but positive thoughts for you!

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