So that’s what a gas explosion feels like.

A little over an hour ago, there was a very loud “BOOM” and it felt like the whole building shook. In fact, the back door even opened a bit. There’s a massage therapist upstairs so I thought maybe a large piece of equiment fell over, or else maybe a car drove into the building. I went outside to check… nothing. I immediately heard sirens and a helicopter. A little while ago, the therapist came down to ask if I had any idea what happened, and I didn’t. She asked over at the deli and someone said that a house exploded. Sure enough, a house about .25 miles from the store exploded. Here’s a photo and here’s the news story. I pray that there was no one inside. If the explosion was powerful enough over here to give us all a scare, I cannot imagine the force that was felt by the neighbors. My heart aches for these people. I can’t even imagine.

Update: According to this story, the house was under construction (nearly complete), and no one was in the house when it blew up. I see a law suit in the future, though… Can’t help but wonder if the gas lines weren’t clearly marked. Hopefully they’ll get it sorted out.

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  1. WOW!!! That is nuts. Just glad it was no where near the store.

  2. It was also on our news here. Lucky that nobody got hurt!

  3. I just cannot BELIEVE that a house exploded. Do they know why it happened? I am SO glad that your store is OK and that you guys weren’t hurt in any way. What happened to the neighboring houses? I am SO incredibly relieved that no one was inside at the time!!! I cannot imagine how I’d feel if the house that we were building just up and exploded.

  4. I can’t even imagine what an explosion like that must feel like. I once experience a tire burst from a truck and it felt like my ears popped. Imagine a gas explosion. Good thing no one got hurt.

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