Snow, Sleet, and Freezing Rain Day

I’m kind of drawing a blank as to what to write about today. It was a busy weekend (Cub Scouts, work, open house for the preschool Laura will attend in the fall, CYO basketball…) and I’ve got a cold, so suffice it to say I’m feeling beat.

It’s a big mess of yuck out there today. Schools let out early, anticipating a potentially dangerous bus ride home, and I’m seeing that quite a few local businesses are shutting down early today, too. Better to be safe than sorry! I think the freezing rain has just started back up, and of course my poor husband just went out to clear the driveway.

Anyway, I thought I’d link up with Sandra today!

The Weather:::  Snow, sleet, freezing rain, rain, cold… a big mess, that’s for sure.

Right now I am:::Feeling a little guilty that I’m cozy warm by the fire and Drew’s freezing outside.

Thinking::: Is it dinner yet? I’m starving. What’s that saying… feed a cold, starve a fever? Yep, I’m definitely buying the “feed a cold” part. Eating does make me feel better!

On my reading pile::: I just picked up a book called Never Look Away by Linwood Barclay. It’s a thriller about the disappearance of a child at an amusement park. I’m hoping to start it tonight. I love working at the library for so many reasons, but seeing all these interesting-sounding books come in and out has to top the list!

On my tv::: We’ve been enjoying “The Glades” on Netflix. I remember seeing an episode or two at my parents and it’s a really good show.

On the menu for this week::: In no particular order (because I’m not sure myself yet, LOL)…

Veggie burgers, fries & salad
Chicken enchilada soup & taquitos
Out to eat at Chili’s (hopefully – I got a Kids Eat Free coupon)
Chicken cordon blue

On my to do list:::
– laundry
– paperwork
– wash the floors

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating::: I’m working on my blanket and on some smaller Valentine’s Day projects that I’ll share later this week.

Homemaking Tips::: Isopropyl alcohol. Make sure you have it in the house (the higher percentage the better), especially if you have a toddler/preschooler. It will remove all kinds of stains including permanent marker from walls and from microfiber. Ask me how I know 😉

Looking around the house::: Things are definitely not as clean as before the kids got home from school, but… c’est la vie, right? Remnant of the makings of glove puppets on the table and floor, yarn scraps (that’s my fault) on the carpet, at least the dishes are done!

From the camera::: We’ve been having the most gorgeous sunrises lately. I’ve always been more of a sunrise kind of gal, and even though it’s so cold out, I think they are the prettiest at this time of year.


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  1. I would love to work at a library, though I probably wouldn’t get much done, I would be reading constantly lol But goodness, having all those books at your fingertips…. *sigh*

    Beautiful picture, that is a gorgeous sunrise 🙂

    LOL at your homemaking tip. The things toddlers put us through huh?

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