snow day

First off, I’m going to be straight with you: I’ve totally slacked on the December Photo Project. This week has been rough with Laura have an awful time teething and Noah being sick. Photos just haven’t been on the priority list. I’m still going to try to incorporate more photos in my blog posts, though. I’ve found that the blogs I enjoy the most post a lot of photos, so… I think I shall too. Just not today 😉

Today was a snow day. We got another 5 inches or so of the white stuff on top of the 4 inches or so that fell the other night (of which a decent amount had melted). I’m thinking it will be a white Christmas around here (unless we have some freakily warm weather, which could happen). I was thrilled that school was canceled! (No really — I was!) No school meant no sick day for Noah (I’d have kept him home) and he had Jake to occupy him. Jake was also unbelievably helpful while I was out there clearing the driveway with the snow-thrower and then shoveling the driveway apron, the path to the stairs, the stairs… etc. He would let me know when Laura woke up from napping and made my life much easier!

Normally the cold and snow have me thinking of Orlando vacations, but I actually enjoy it this time of year. Cold and snow are OK through mid-January. Then Mother Nature can lay off!

Anyway, it’s been a long day. Poor Noah is already sleeping — out cold on a giant stuffed cat while Jake plays with the Wii. Laura is snoozing in her swing and all is quiet. For now. Tomorrow night Drew gets back from Virginia and I will be soooo glad when I hear the garage door open. I just have to get through one more day!

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