Sliding Glass Door Woes

Perhaps “woes” is being a bit dramatic, but the sliding glass door in our kitchen is a real problem. Noah loves to open it (and the tricky monkey knows how to unlock it), so I have to be very careful anytime I even think he’s running over there. Plus, honestly, it could be a bit more attractive. Right now we have vertical blinds which look fairly nice, but I’m wondering if there’s another way to dress it up. I’d love to replace the sliding glass doors with a set of French doors and maybe down the road we’ll do that. But in the meantime, maybe something to dress up the blinds? (What do you call that piece that goes along top a window… a cornice?) I probably shouldn’t obsess over something so trivial, but it’s a big part of the kitchen (obviously) and I just want the room to look nice.

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  1. there are special curtains for sliders… they look really nice… It think country curtains has some… if not just check online…

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