~ simple pleasures ~

simple pleasures ~ chocolate sundae :-)Right now I’m enjoying that yummy chocolate sundae! Drew was sweet to save the last of the chocolate chip ice cream for me to have tonight. I’ve not been out of the house (except for 4 doctor’s appointments) since coming home from the hospital and honestly I’m pretty happy this way, LOL! I’d just as soon enjoy my own little sundae here in the den, rather than go out.

The boys are being (relatively) quiet, which is nice. The plumber is here putting in the baseboards (I think) upstairs, so they are getting to stay up late tonight. They’re relaxing on the couch under a quilt, watching the Clone Wars show on Cartoon Network. As long as they’re chilling out, I’ll let them indulge too 😉

Just a couple more days of dealing with all of our stuff crowded into the dining room and hallways. This weekend we should be able to start moving things back upstairs. Let me tell you — I can’t wait to sleep in my own bed again! Prior to having the baby we were sleeping on the boys’ mattresses on the floor (they have been happy sharing the Aero bed). And since coming home from the hospital, I’ve pretty much camped out in the recliner because with my pulled muscle and all, it was impossible to get up from a laying-down position. But now that I’m doing better the recliner is starting to get very old, LOL! I can’t wait to curl up in our king-sized bed, under some fresh sheets, and… well, let’s be honest here. I don’t expect to get much sleep, but at least I’ll be comfy 😉

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  1. Ahh, yes, I bet you can’t WAIT for your own bed. Glad to hear that you’re feeling better now.

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