Show me the show me state

Sometimes I have to remind myself that life does indeed exist outside the states of New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. Of course, my “online friends” are from all over the place, but when I’m not sitting in front of a computer, I pretty much only think in terms of local haunts. But when I stop and think about it, there are so many neat places outside of the Northeast, or even East Coast. I was reading about how there are going to be some new Veggie Tales attractions (Jake loves that show when we catch it) at this theme park called Celebration City in Branson, Missouri. Now, I’ve never even heard of Branson, but after reading about the theme park I looked up some more info and I learned that it’s quite the tourist destination. From what I read, it seems to have a Lake George vibe (without the lake of course; and I’m not sure if there are tons of bikers in Branson, either). Anyway… my point is that it’s interesting what you’ll find when you peek your head out of the hole you live in.

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  1. Shannon O. says:

    Branson is one of those true family places to go… it is super clean too… just don’t go in the middle of summer… you will melt from the humidity lol…

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