search keywords, revisited

When I first started blogging I was obsessed with my stats: how many visitors I had, where they came from, and whatnot. Ten years later, I care much less about those things, but I am still fascinated by the search terms people use when they stumble upon my blog. Most of the time they make sense. They’re for recipes, crafts, things like that. Sometimes they make me wonder a little, like when I get a hit on a search for someone using my full name or my first name and the name of the blog. I can’t help but wonder why they’re looking for me. But then there are the ones that makes you wonder WTF? Here’s a selection of April and May’s finest:

  • i ve had the hiccups all day
  • how to make sugar bibs
  • generic Phentermine and sugar pills
  • spangbob fugar
  • i m pure sugar
  • knit pattern cabury egg chicken

But then there was this one that I found super sweet:

  • quick crafts for a friend thats sad

Aww šŸ™ I really hope whoever was looking for that found something beautiful to make and was able to cheer up her friend.

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