Excuse me while I bang my head on the desk for a minute. I was synching my iPod to my computer at work and instead of clicking the “transfer purchases” button I clicked the “delete” button. Awesome. Granted, I didn’t have a TON of purchased music on there, but I had a few songs and now I’m super irritated that I have to buy and download them again. (Reminder: my laptop at home had to be wiped clean because of the virus infestation late in the spring, so my iPod was the only place I had some of this stuff.)

Sometimes I’m so stupid I can’t even stand it. Grr.

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  1. Hi!

    I bettcha many many people have done that very same thing!! Didn’t the iPod have the annoying, yet helpful, message saying something like “Are you SURE, are you double-y and triple-y SURE you want to delete these oh-so-fantasticly-awesome tunes?”

    Mine says that!!


  2. I think there’s a way to not have to pay to download them again. I’d try and contact Apple/itunes customer service.

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