Say, “Ahh!”

knitty kitty What a week it’s been! Drew was in Virginia Beach on a business trip from Monday to Wednesday, and yesterday Jake had an appointment with the pediatrician. Before Thanksgiving Jake was complaining of a sore throat, so the following Monday I took him to the doctor’s to have it checked out. The nurse practitioner (who, honestly, I am not crazy about) saw him and tested for Strep. That came back negative. Then she wanted to do a test for Mono. I agreed to it but reminded her that Jake had Mono when he was five. Wouldn’t it be highly unlikely for him to have it again, especially without any other symptoms? Clearly, she was going to do what she wanted, so my question didn’t even matter. And of course the test came back negative. We were told to do salt water gargles and give him Tylenol for pain.

A couple weeks passed. The sore throat went away, but his tonsils still seemed quite enlarged, his voice sounded funny, and he’d started snoring and breathing really heavy in his sleep. Just after Christmas, he got a cold and suddenly things started to sound better, but because everyone was already freaked out over the possibility of tonsillitis, I made appointment to see his regular doctor. (And I had to argue with this nurse practitioner over the phone just to get the freaking appointment!)

So anyway, we finally went yesterday. I had started convincing myself that he’d need to have his tonsils removed, but according to the pediatrician, that’s not the case. Yes, he has tonsils that are quite large, but they are healthy looking and they’re not obstructing his airway at all. The heavy breathing/snoring probably has to do with a cold and/or stuffy nose that is lingering. The doctor spent a lot of time looking at Jake’s throat and then showed everything to me, so I do trust what he says. He even did another throat culture for Strep which again came back negative. So really, I did a lot of worrying for nothing! (As usual.)

I’m glad we took him though, because now I have peace of mind. I’ve been so stressed this week, and I’m just glad it is over! I was a wreck on Wednesday night waiting for Drew to get home. He and his co-workers drove this time (which was probably a good idea — with the storm, flights were cancelled and he would never have gotten home). While the snow/ice storm was nowhere near as bad as they were saying, I was still worried about road conditions late at night, when he’d be driving back from his boss’s house. And of course it wasn’t a big deal — he arrived safe and sound with no problems. But you know how it is.

This evening I think we’re going to take the kids out for a quick dinner (nothing exciting, probably just Burger King) and run a few errands. I want to go to CVS and Aldi for a few things. I seriously need to get back into The Drugstore Game. It’s been a while since I’ve done any major CVS shopping, but there are some decent sales this week so I want to go. Maybe we’ll stop by Staples, too. I doubt they have any of their $1 sale items left, but it’s worth a check. And it’s always fun to look at the office furniture. No, really — I love desks and hutches and everything. OK, maybe I’m weird, LOL!

Tomorrow they’re predicting another snowstorm, so the plan is to have a movie afternoon with the boys, and I want to do some knitting, too. Priority #1 is finishing up my dad’s hat, and that shouldn’t be a problem. Then I have some dishcloths I want to do and then I’m thinking of trying a shrug — I saw a couple patterns I really liked and I have a ton of extra yarn, so we’ll see. Anyway, hopefully I will have pics of the hat to post this weekend. Wish me luck as I start the portion with the DPNs. Eeek! I hate those things!

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  1. Random..but I have actually heard that if you have mono you are susceptible to getting it again….. So glad that he is doing better and things are looking okay 🙂

  2. Hm. That’s weird. The doctor said that it’s one of those diseases you pretty much get once and it’s unlikely he’d get it again. He seemed puzzled that the nurse tested for it. It’s like Chicken Pox — the virus stays in your body, along with the antibodies your body produces to fight it. I guess you can get it more than once, but rarely.

  3. Oh I had a friend who had it in college. I know she was worried when she got colds that went too long that it could be mono because her dr. said it happens.

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