Saturday In The City

For my birthday, my mother-in-law and aunt-in-law gave me a ticket to see the revival of American Buffalo on Broadway. (Drew was responsible for his own ticket, heh!) I am a big fan of David Mamet, so I was thrilled. We saw Glengarry Glen Ross when it was back on Broadway in 2005 (funny, I was pregnant then too!).

We dropped the boys off at Drew’s mom & aunt’s house and took the train down on Saturday morning. Usually the train is packed at that time of day, but this time there were plenty of seats. Maybe the rain discouraged people from going in? No matter, I was thrilled to sit and knit for 40 minutes, uninterrupted! I’d packed my purse full of snacks because my nausea has been awful lately. I was so afraid of not feeling well, but I made out just fine. By the time we got to Grand Central it was pouring, so we decided to find lunch there instead of looking for a restaurant. Neither of us remembered Junior’s having a seating area, but there it was, so we decided to try it. (Very little else was appealing to me.) We both got the soup and salad for lunch, and I think that’s got to be the best $10 lunch at Grand Central! First they brought us a bowl of yummy cole slaw and awesome sour pickles. The bowls of split pea soup were huge and came with a delicious pumpernickel roll. The salads were bigger than I thought they’d be too. It made for a healthy, comforting lunch!

Then we hurried over to the Belasco. Neither of us had seen a show there before and it was a very pretty theatre. The show was fantastic and John Leguizamo was just amazing! I’ve always liked him, but after seeing him perform live — wow. What a great actor. It was fun seeing Cedric the Entertainer as well and he was also quite good in his role. Haley Joel Osment was a little bit wooden, but still gave a good performance. The show was well-paced and everyone in the audience seemed to really enjoy it. I know we did! If you have a chance to see it before it closes, I would say — GO!

After that we decided to rush to make a train back to Ossining and got dinner at the diner we went to all the time when we lived there. Then we picked the boys up and headed home. I love going into the city and I’m so excited that we get to do it again in a couple weeks! We are taking Jake to see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular! I am probably more excited than he is. Every single Thanksgiving since I was a little girl, I’d watch The Rockettes in the Macy’s Parade and think about how much I’d like to see them live someday. And I’m finally going to get to do it 🙂 I hope it’s a nice day so we can see the tree at Rockefeller Center. It won’t be lit, but I think it should be up at least. Yay!

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  1. Oh how fun. We were in the city to on Saturday. We went to the museum of modern art. What weather we had!

  2. Sounds awesome – I would just like to see ANY show. Goal one is actually getting to NY. 😉

  3. Wow ~ it sounds like you had a WONDERFUL time! What a great break, too! So glad that you felt OK and that you didn’t get too nauseous or icky. I’m loving that ticker at the top of your blog ~ yay! So exciting! 🙂 There’s just something so special about “the city.” Neat that you get to go back at Christmas … my mom would be SO envious of you seeing the Rockettes!

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