I finally saw Rent...I know, I know! How could I have possibly waited until Thursday to write about it? Well, it’s been a busy week, I guess. But yes we finally saw Rent on Sunday night. I was so sad when the news came out that it was closing in June, and I couldn’t believe that after all these years, after seeing pretty much everything else of interest on Broadway, we might miss this just because we took for granted that it would be around for a while. And it was. Twelve years! I remember the first time I heard the music, in my friend Justin’s dorm room, fall 1996. I fell in love with it instantly. We tried to rush tickets to a Boston perfomance that December, but didn’t have any luck.

The show was as amazing as I’d hoped, and more emotionally-charged than I could imagine. I found myself in tears through most of the second act. I loved it, and so did Drew, which surprised me a bit (he doesn’t often get into the “rock” type of musicals). Truthfully, I prefer plays (not musicals) in general, but this hit me at exactly the right time and I’m glad I can say I saw it on Broadway during its original run. We bought an autographed Playbill (proceeds to to various charities), too.

If you’re thinking about seeing Rent at all before June 1, you absolutely should. I was afraid that after all these years, after all the hype, and after the hundreds of times I’ve listened to the music it wouldn’t meet my expectations, and it did. By far one of the best shows I’ve seen on Broadway!

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  1. So Glad you finally saw it!
    Hard to believe it’s run for so very long.
    When I saw the Playbill I was hoping you stayed around to have them all sign it for you. but great that you have it all the same. Who were the leads?

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