remind me not to do that anymore

As a general rule, I try to stay away from major shopping areas on Saturdays. Especially Saturday afternoons. But occasionally I forget and venture out into the wild world of WalMart, and then I regret it. Like yesterday. Drew took the boys to the Lowe’s Build & Grow clinic in the morning and I enjoyed a quiet hour and a half while Laura was napping. Since she still doesn’t sleep great at night, I absolutely cherish her morning nap (when it happens).

After she woke up I called Drew and we all met for lunch. My burger was great and so was the new mango-raspberry sorbet at Friendly’s. So far so good! Some guy even let me leave the parking and pull into the lane of traffic — unheard of! I really should have quit while I was ahead, especially when I got all the green lights. But no. I was greedy and decided to hit a few stores. I dropped off four bags of clothing donations before going to Jo-Ann’s. It actually wasn’t too bad in there. I was scoping out fabric possibilities for new kitchen curtains (my wonderful husband has been painting for me and the kitchen is this yummy coffee color). I have two 50% off coupons to use this week, so I’ll go back to buy the fabric later.

Then it was off to Burlington Coat Factory, where things started to go downhill. I’m desperately trying to find something non-hideous to wear for both Jake’s 1st communion and my niece’s baptism. Everything seems to be matronly or way to sex-ay for these types of events. I thought I’d lucked out with an outfit, but when I tried it on at home? Gah!!! The style of the top was great, but the color was awful. And the pants? I thought they were wide-leg and they were. Oh, they were! I didn’t realize they were big bell-bottoms. So I need to return that outfit now.

But Walmart, as usual, was the piece-de-resistance. I hate shopping at Walmart, but I do it anyway. If I go super early in the morning, the experience is much better. There are fewer people there ramming their shopping carts into me and I think most of the crazies are still sleeping. Let’s start with the parking lot shall we? Now, this is a plague that not only affects WM, but most other parking lots out there. I just tend to notice it more at this particular location. The plague I’m talking about is people who can’t maneuver their ridiculously big vehicles. I  cannot get over more right when there are parked cars right there and you can’t make a proper left turn! Advice: If you are too small to effectively pilot your Canonyero, perhaps it is time to consider a smaller car. And it all just went downhill from there. I’ll spare you the rest of the details.

I was exhausted by the time we got home. Luckily, Drew had just opened a bottle of wine and had a glass waiting for me. ♥ ‘Cuz he just knew.

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