Random Things

Every so often I see the 7 Random Things meme go around, and while no one has officially tagged, me I’m going to do it anyway 🙂

1) I get furious when people don’t use their turn signals. Like flip-people-off furious. Come on — how hard is it?

2) I don’t think I could live anywhere in the U.S. outiside of the Northeast. Except maybe California. But only because of the wine.

3) I’m embarassed to say how long it took me to finally realize that “OBX” on those little stickers that people have on their cars stands for Outer Banks.

4) I love Facebook, and I am not ashamed to admit it.

5) 2007 has been one of the craziest years ever, full of ups and downs, and I think I am so much better for it all.

6) If I could pick only one dessert to eat for the rest of my life, it would be creme brulee.

7) Current food obsession: fish tacos.

6 Replies to “Random Things”

  1. WOW .. OBX means Outer Banks ..hmm .. I thought it meant obnoxious. Like maybe an obnoxious driver… you know .. one who does not use signals … 🙂

  2. I just discovered that “OBX” thing, too. I had to Google it, LOL! 🙂 I’m wondering whether I should make one of those stickers for our town. Wouldn’t it say, “STY”? And who the heck would want a sticker that reads, “STY” on their car? LOL! 🙂 My inlaws went to the OBX this summer and loved it. Yeah, I don’t see why it’s so difficult to take your finger and flip the turn signal lever. Seriously.

  3. It took me years to figure out that OBX thing… still don’t see how the X ties into it but oh well lol… and I love creme brulee too… too bad I can never have it again… pout!

  4. Don’t feel bad, I didn’t get the “OBX” thing either. LOL

  5. I don’t get any of those 3-4 letter things until I read what’s below them. I’m just not that bright.

    Creme brulee & fish tacos, eh? You have good taste.

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