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Sorry for no lunch box pictures today. Although it was the final half-day for Jake, the children ate lunch at their usual time instead of having just a snack. Although I plan to pack his lunch more often than not, I wanted him to have the experience of going through the lunch line the first time while it was new to everyone. He had a hot dog, chips, corn, and a granola bar for dessert. I also sent in the form for the afterschool programs. He’s taking the Household Science class I wrote about yesterday, and he also wanted to take a one-off – “Sugar Cube Houses,” so that will be fun. (Secretly I’m pushing him toward a career in molecular gastronomy! After all, his two favorite things are anything science-related and anything food-related. It only makes sense.)

Today is the first time I’ve participated in Wine Blogging Wednesday. Naturally, I wrote my post for Celebrate Wine. I wrote about the MontGras Reserva Carmenère 2004, which is a wine I really like, so check it out if you’re curious! I’m a big fan of Chilean wines. They tend to be really good values too, in case you are budget-conscious.

Not much else going on today. Tomorrow Jacob has no school in honor of Rosh Hashanah (happy New Year to anyone who is celebrating!), so maybe we’ll go out and do something. My house is still a disaster. This weekend we absolutely *have* to finish moving furniture around and getting closets squared away. I can’t take the mess any longer!

And last, but certainly not least, if you haven’t already go and wish my good friend Lisanne a very happy birthday today! She’s one of the nicest, most genuine, and good-hearted people I know and I am so lucky to have her as friend. Lots of birthday hugs & kisses to her!

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  1. I’m so behind on blog reading. THANK YOU for those SUPER sweet words, Carol!!! Oh, man, you made me feel *so* good when I read that. You’re the best. I am so glad and honored to call you a friend. THANK YOU!!!!! 🙂

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