Random Bits of Carol

Too much crazy. Bullets are what you get:

* I’m totally loving blogging over at Celebrate Wine. I always considered myself pretty up-to-date on what’s going on in the world of wine, but it’s fun to dig even deeper. I have some interesting posts coming up later in the week, so hopefully you’ll check in over there!

* Trying out a new pay-to-blog service. There are pros and cons. The pros are: 1) Not having to manically refresh my Web browser every 30 seconds trying to nab an opp before they’re all gone 2) Getting paid every two weeks instead of 30 days from the date of the post 3) Freeform links, which make working the anchor text into a post really easy. Cons: 1) Not controlling how many opps you take (though you can set maximums) 2) Not having any say in what your assignments are (e.g., my last two posts). But because I don’t have to review or endorse any products or services, it doesn’t bother me that much; it can just be challenging working with some of this stuff. This is my first batch of assignments and I got them before I set up category preferences, so we’ll see if that changes at all.

* Loving the new Corolla. Drives like a dream!

* Noah appears to have a cold, which would explain the refusal to sleep and erratic behavior.

* White port and tonic is supposed to be this hot drink right now, and honestly? To me it just tastes like Bianco vermouth.

* I’m starting to miss doing 365 Days. I kind of wish I didn’t quit, but if I get back into it, I would feel like I’d have to start with Day 1 again. Bleh… Plus, do I really have time for it? It was a huge time suck.

* Knitting: haven’t done much lately between trying to keep up with everything and just being tired.

* XXX Vitamin water = Love

* I have a ridiculous craving for Taco Bell right now.

2 thoughts on “Random Bits of Carol

  1. flygrrl

    Yeah, the lack of control over assignments is why I’m kind of hesitating on trying out payU2blog (plus, I’m waiting to see how long before Bono tries to sue them… ha!).

    I’m jealous of your new Corolla! Sorry about Noah’s cold; I always feel bad after I’ve been impatient with Lily, only to find out that she’s been cranky because of some bug or other coming on.

  2. Shannon O.

    I hope Noah feels better soon… and I am also super jealous over the new car… never had one before lol… but I hope the rest of you week goes really well!!


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