quickie weekend crochet

Clo baby poncho

This is the quickest little crochet project! Friday night Drew and Jake were camping with the Cub Scouts, so I decided to whip up a little something for Laura to wear to her cousin’s Baptism. Her outfit was very summery, and just in case it was cool, I didn’t want her to be chilly. I had the pattern for Vickie Howell’s Clo Baby Poncho in my craft binder and thought it would be perfect. Instead of the suggested embellishment, I made a more traditional flower. I was really happy with the result. Here’s Lulu modeling it with her favorite guy:

drew & lu

(Don’t mind her expression. She had just woken up from a nap). I had to use yarn from my stash and the only thing that even vaguely fit the bill in terms of color (I really wanted it to be white, not cream but such is life) is some leftover Bernat Berella 4 I used for my ripple afghan. This resulted in a very heavy garment. Since it’s a little big on her (I made the size 12-24 months version), it should be perfect for the fall. I think it will look adorable with jean or cords and a turtleneck. I think the pattern would be very easy to modify to larger children’s sizes, or even adult sizes. And if you don’t join the chain it would be a very pretty shawl or capelet. I think I’ll make a variation at some point.

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