Point by Point

There’s lots of random stuff going on lately, but I just haven’t felt like writing, so I guess we’ll compromise with a laundry-list entry. How’s that?

  • I think I ate my weight in Buffalo wings this weekend at the Ulster County Wing Fling on Sunday. But we all had a great time and found a couple new restaurants to check out.
  • I am catching up on my gift knitting. In a few weeks I should have quite a few FOs to post.
  • My cloths for the Dishcloth Swap are knit, yarn is bought, patterns are purchased. I just have to round out the package with some soap and a few treats and it will be on its way to my partner!
  • I think on Saturday I am going to Webs. I have a couple things I am looking for specifically for me, and then I plan to finish shopping for my SP10 Pal and find something yummy for my Tea Swap partner as well. I hope I don’t pass out from the excitement of all that yarn.
  • I can’t believe it’s almost Memorial Day weekend already! I also can’t believe that our 6 year wedding anniversary is coming up!
  • I’m finding myself drinking a lot more coffee than tea lately. Wonder why that is?
  • I’m really behind on answering e-mails, so if you’re expecting to hear from me, give me a couple more days. I promise to catch up!

2 thoughts to “Point by Point”

  1. Can’t believe that almost six years have gone by! Any special plans for your anniversary? I hope that you have fun shopping for yarn and tea. 🙂 I remember when we came down to your house near NYC and had a Memorial Day BBQ!

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