Pet Peeve

bogle.gif This is going to come across as really snotty and I don’t even care. People, if you buy this wine, it is NOT “Boggle” like the word game, nor is it “Boogle.” It is BOE-gul. Long “e” sound. You pretty much say it just the way it looks. I hate when someone comes in asking for “Boggle” because I don’t want to be bitchy and say, “Oh, here’s the BOGLE Chard” and yet I hate for them to continue mispronouncing it. Anyway, there it is. Now you know.


  1. Christina says:

    I’ve never called it anything but Boe-gle (or heard anyone call it the other names). They make quite a tasty petite syrah and old vine zinfandel, though. Yummy!

  2. flygrrl says:

    Why would you even say it like “Boggle”? Do people not get English language phonetics? Perhaps these are the same people who say “Mute point” (instead of “Moot”; ugh, that makes my skin crawl.)

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