Pavement: not just a great band


I’ve been wanting to pave our driveway for oh… about four years now. But when we were trying to sell the house, we figured why bother? It wasn’t worth spending all that money if the house was going to be someone else’s. But when we decided to take the house off the market, we made our driveway a priority this year. And today they did it! We hired Briggs Paving out of Poughkeepsie and they were just awesome! They arrived sharply at 8 AM. The crew was incredibly courteous and happy to answer questions. They did an A1 professional job and we are absolutely thrilled with the results. (The other two paving companies we set up estimates with never even showed up for those estimates!) I just wanted to spread the word on the off chance someone from the Hudson Valley was researching pavers. Briggs is top-notch.

Anyway, clearly I am a big dork by how excited I am over our driveway, but it really is something I’ve been wanting for a while. At the end of the week the boys can have a blast playing out there. I know they will love the fact that Big Wheels rides will no longer be so bumpy 😉

I have a whole set of photos on Flickr if you’re interested.

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  1. Oh, that’s awesome! Trust me, I know the lure and appeal of new concrete all too well from flipping eight houses that needed new driveways. It’s a great thing!

  2. Pavement: not just a great band…

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