Pass the Poutine

So last Saturday we finally got passports for the boys. We don’t have anything planned, but there was a local “passport event” and since both parents need to be present for a minor’s passport, it worked out well for us and we decided to just get them and not worry about it for a while. So, since we’ll have them in six weeks or so, we’re contemplating going up to Quebec this summer. Maybe. Lord knows how much gas will cost at that point, and it might not be feasible, but we’re throwing the idea around. I’ve never been to Quebec, and Drew hasn’t been in years (that’s where his grandmother was from). If we do go, I will need to look around for some extra luggage because when we went on vacation in February I discovered that what we have is not enough for the four of us. I’m not sure I’m up for the drive, but… I’ll keep my eye on the prize, as they say. And that prize, of course, would be a big old bowl of poutine, made the correct way!

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  1. My immediate reaction to this post was basically:


    Which translates to:

    If you head up this way, maybe we can get together and that would be AMAZING!

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