I’m in one of those moody moods today. I think I’m just discouraged about selling this house. Yesterday it was all over the news how shitty the market is, how buyers are “waiting on the sidelines” and honestly I’m just so frustrated. It’s been 6 months. It’s depressing. I’ve been busting my hump preparing for this weekend’s open house and I’m not even sure why. The last one only two people came. The one before that (with a different realtor), the only people who showed up were nosy neighbors. Hopefully we’ll have a few actual possible buyers on Sunday now that everyone is back from vacations and it is supposed to be a nice day.

I just want to move already!

Pumpkin Overload

This morning I treated myself to a Pumpkin Spice Latte and a pumpin scone from Starbucks. I think I am pumpkined out right now! The scone was fantastic; the latte a little too sweet for me.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Sunday night I made the Country Coq au Vin recipe. It was delicious! I made a couple substitutions, though: chicken breasts instead of a whole cut up chicken (no one in our family really cares for dark meat) and I thinly sliced a medium yellow onion instead of using the pearl onions (personally, I don’t think they have much flavor). I used a dry Italian white that I had hanging out in the fridge and served the chicken with garlic mashed potatoes. Delish! I think it would also be fantastic if you used a fine Marsala wine. I’ll try that next time. After the boys were in bed, D. and I watched The Weatherman. We both really liked it. I’m a big Nicholas Cage fan anyway, so I almost always like everything he does.

Yesterday was a rainy day and J. and I did a bunch of crafts and I packed up 7 boxes of kitchen stuff. We have another open house this coming Sunday so I wanted to clear out as much as I could. I packed up all of our extra plates, cups, silverware, and left only as much as we will need. We rarely use our dishwasher anyway, so handwashing a couple plates won’t be a problem. Last night I tried to duplicate one of my favorite restaurant recipes — Baked Sonora Chicken Pasta. Ruby Tuesday’s no longer serves it (they’ve totally destroyed their menu; it’s so boring now!) and I’ve been craving it. The recipe needs a little tweaking — a little more spice, but I came pretty close. Once I have it down I’ll post it.

I’ve been working on my swap partner’s bag, but I’ve been really tired at night lately, so I haven’t made a ton of progress. Hopefully I’ll at least finish the bottom today. I’m contemplating joining Secret Pal 9. It seems like it would be a lot of fun, but it’s a really big commitment. I have to think about it a little more. (Anyone want to try to convince me? 😉 )

What Month Is It?

The calendar says September, but it really feels more like November today. The wind and rain coming down from Tropical Storm Ernesto have really made it a dreary day outside. I feel bad for anyone who had planned a Labor Day BBQ! Luckily we didn’t really have any plans. It would be the perfect night to start a fire in the fireplace and curl up on the couch watching a movie, that’s for sure! I don’t mind this weather. I think the awful heat of summer is still fresh in my mind and I welcome cooler temperatures. (Plus, I am so excited to once again be able to wear cardigans. Hooray for the cardigan sweater!)

Today I did a bit of knitting on Felted Bowl #3 (from One Skein). The instructions say to use a 24″ circular needle for the bowls and I would love to see someone do that! I’m knitting the small bowl and I had to start with DPNs. For the large bowls, I’ve always used a 16″ needle. That has to be a misprint. I’m eager to finish this little guy up so I can start on the purse for the purse swap, whee! I love the pattern and I will probably end up making one for myself, too.

And yes, obviously, I switched back to WordPress. I just can’t commit to a blogging program, I guess! No, actually I never intended to use Blogger for the long-term; I just needed the time to set up WP again. It is much more elegant than old Blogger (though I have to hold Blogger in my heart since I did use it for so very long at the beginning — way back in 2000, holy crow!)

Tomorrow I hope to finish up the bowl and just do stuff around the house (like put away the mounds of laundry sitting in baskets) and figure out a storage solution for J.’s Playmobil stuff. Monday I’m dragging D. to Sears to help me pick out new glasses. I lost my current pair. (Yes, I know I lost the pair before that, too.). I have looked high and low and they are not to be found. The other day I went to Sears and picked out a few frames I like and now I need a second opinion. It’s a good thing my eyesight isn’t too bad. I hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend (at least here in the U.S.). Enjoy!