over-decking the halls


We were out tonight and while driving through a neighboring town, I was amazed by how nutso some people go with the Christmas decorations on the outside of their homes. I’m definitely a minimalist. White lights strung along the gutter. Candles in the windows (usually – though not this year because L. would be grabbing them). Our Christmas tree in view through a front window. And that’s about it.

Now, I know everyone has their own decorating tastes, but some people… well, I have to ask myself, What are they thinking??? And I’m not just talking about the inflatable decorations or the ancient light-up Frosty in front of the metal building you live in. There’s one house that has — I kid you not — a full, electric, light-up American flag in the middle-top of the house, a light-up Santa on the bottom right, and a light-up Jesus, Mary, and Joseph on the bottom left. All it needed was a “USA!” sign blinking in the center of it all. How about you pick either Santa or the nativity. It all just seems a bit much to me. Of course, I’m sure people drive by my house and think that it’s pathetic that I don’t go all out, LOL!

What about you — are you all about the expressive lawn art, the projected Christmas messages on your garage, the Clark Griswold experience? Or do you prefer to keep it simple?

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  1. Somewhere in between. I don’t care for inflatables on my lawn, but we have a decent amount of lights and would like more. But we certainly appreciate the houses that go all out! We spend many evening errands taking side trips to look at beautiful lights while listening to Christmas music. We wouldn’t think your house was pathetic though, candles in the windows are a nice touch 🙂

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