Our “New” Piano

"new" piano

It’s here, it’s here! As I wrote yesterday, we had Drew’s mom’s piano moved from her house to ours. The movers were great, and luckily had no problems at all. I think it looks great in our living room. The piano needs a good tuning and I have to hit JoAnne’s to find fabric to re-cover the bench, but otherwise it’s in great shape. It’s the same piano on which my husband learned to play! I don’t have much confidence that I will learn, as I am not the musically-inclined one in the house. But there is hope for Jake & Noah 🙂

5 thoughts to “Our “New” Piano”

  1. Yay! It does look beautiful there! And it’s never too late to start learning. You could easily pick it up! So did it come with her sheet music, too? I love how you’ve decorated the top of it. So pretty. My grandparents always had picture frames on top of theirs, but their piano sat in their living room (and ours is in the dining room). It’s so wonderful to have music in the house! I hope to try out your new piano when I come over next, if that’s OK. 🙂

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