It’s deer season here in the Hudson Valley, so when I heard a “bang” slightly before 6 this morning, I just assumed some hunter shot his Thanksgiving dinner and rolled back over. When Laura woke up and I walked into the den, I looked out the window and realized that the noise wasn’t a shotgun after all. No, it was one of the woodpiles. Somehow it had fallen over. Poor Drew was not happy to know this, since he now has to restack it all.

In other news, I’m so pleased! Last night I put 328 photos from this year into photo albums. I’m caught up through Halloween. I have a couple years’ worth of photos in envelopes in my closet that need to be put in order and in albums, but I’m thinking that with all the deals going on right now on various photo processing sites, I just might limit it to 200 photos per year that I need to catch up (I use albums that hold 200 photos), order them a year at a time, and get them in albums just so I can have everything up to date. I can use the prints I already have as extras or let the kids use them for photo albums of their own.

One thing I wish I had a photo of is this ridiculous camper that’s on someone’s property en route to the library. It’s a complete piece of junk, but it’s “FREE!!!” (as the crudely spraypaint-on-plywood sign proclaims). It can’t be driveable. There’s no way you’d get motorhome insurance for it. I haven’t the foggiest idea what someone would do with it. I have to return some books on Saturday so I’ll be curious if it’s still there.

What are you doing for Thanksgiving this year? We’re having a very low-key dinner at Drew’s mom’s house. I’m bringing my Tastefully Simple grapefruit cheeseball (YUM!) and I’m also making stuffed celery because to me it just isn’t turkey day without it. We’re also in charge of wine (big surprise, right?). Originally I was going to make dessert, but my MIL had an apple pie in the freezer and someone brought her a tray of cookies, so there’s no sense in going crazy on the sweets since no one really feels like dessert anyway. I’ll save my cheesecake for another time.

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  1. Ohh man! That is a lot of wood to stack. Again. Strange!

    Happy Thanksgiving, Carol. 🙂

  2. I think that I’ve seen that “FREE” sign! LOL! 🙂

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