ooooh, monte cristo

Last night we had dinner at the always-delicious Landmark Diner in Ossining. We were visiting Drew’s mom and thought it would be fun to go to one of our old haunts. When we lived down that way, it was our go-to place when we didn’t feel like cooking at home. I had my all-time favorite: the Monte Cristo with potato salad. Oooh, it was so very good! Of course, after totally pigging out and savoring every last drop of maple syrup I feel like I ought to take a 7 day slimming pill. I won’t even tell you what the scale said when I weighed myself last night! Looks like I’ll be compensating this week by having salads for lunch. Yikes. It was worth it, though!

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  1. Did you at least wave to me while you were there? 😉 Can’t believe you passed on the disco fries!

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