one week!

Goodness — a week from today it will be Christmas Eve! I need to do my grocery shopping for Christmas Day. I am super excited! There are some fun surprises this year. Nothing like Samsung LCD televisions or anything quite that extravagant, but some good stuff nonetheless. I have a BIG one for Drew. I took a chance on a purchase, and hopefully he’ll like it.

Since my MIL will be cooking beef tenderloin for Christmas Eve dinner, I am resorting to my old standard: the spiral ham. Hopefully I can find a small one. I don’t particularly like spiral ham, but I do like ham salad and pea soup, so I have plans for the leftovers at least. I’ll also be serving spinach and Gruyere strata, meatballs, marinated shrimp cocktail, rolls, fruit salad, and other odds and ends. I just arrange a buffet and people can eat what they want, when they want. I like a low-fi, casual, relaxing kind of Christmas Day.

Now I just need to finish wrapping everything!

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