One Skein Away

Naima - One skein away! In my first SP10 package, Catherine gifted me with two skeins of Classic Elite Bam Boo yarn in this wonderful bright pink color (technically called “Bougainvilla”). I quickly found a scarf pattern that I felt would really show off the sheen and drape of the yarn and started on it. Sure enough it was perfect! Then I had to put it down to work on a few gifts and smaller items I was making for swaps. This week I picked it up again and though I thought I’d have enough, the scarf is just a little too short, so I quickly ordered one more skein. I can’t wait to finish this up! It’s light and cool and cheerful, and just a perfect little summer scarf to wear on chilly evenings. The pattern is simple, but so pretty. I’m so impatient! I had hoped to wear this up in Lake George, but I don’t know if the yarn will get here in time for me to finish. I hope so!

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