One More Project, and Then…

OK, I am almost feeling ready to give the Forest Canopy Shawl another try. I’ve worked my way through a bunch of dishcloths and I think I’m going to do only one more project: a wine bottle whimsy. My friend Jill runs domaine547 (and really… you should buy wine from her – she has a great selection and gives fantastic recommendations) and her mascot is that adorable little wine bottle, Budo Kan. Well, it seems that Budo Kan has been getting himself into a lick of trouble lately. I think actually having a little Budo Kan to keep a short leash on would be funny. I found a pattern for a beer bottle which I am going to attempt to modify. I think it should all work out!

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  1. Short leash=good idea!

    Thanks for the mention, so sweet!



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