ok, enough of that

Thanks you everyone for all the supportive comments yesterday. I really appreciate it! I am doing much better today. I went to the medical office to pick up a copy of my lab reports and the doctor happened to be right at the window, so we talked for a few minutes. She reassured me that it’s probably thyroiditis (manageable with medication), but to be sure, it’s important to follow up with the specialist. So I am much more at ease than I was yesterday.

Anyway, let’s move on to other things, shall we? No sense on dwelling on the unknown when in a week’s time I’ll have consulted with an expert.

Tomorrow is Noah’s nursery school graduation. I need to make ziti and brownies for the reception after. At least it’s not an event I need to buy new clothes for. I’ve had a couple of those this year and it hasn’t worked out so well. I used to have great luck at Burlington Coat Factory but I think the one near me switched buyers or something. It seems they have a lot of “urban clothing” and less of the classic stuff. But jeans and a nice top will do just fine for SNS graduation at the park 🙂

Tomorrow is also “pet day” in Jake’s classroom, which means I need to drop off and pick up one of our fish. This should be amusing!

My poison ivy is starting to go away, thank goodness. I have tons of scabs on my ankles, but I’ll take that over the disgusting weeping any day. I’m also happy to report that the size of my left foot has returned to normal.

I’ve got no big plans for tonight. I’m making a copycat version of Red Robin’s Bonzai Burger for dinner (for me and Drew — the boys want regular burgers). And tonight I think I’m going to have some more of that ice cream, write up a story for the paper, and find something on Netflix to watch.

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