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sorry that i can't stop taking photos of my roses What day is it? Tuesday? Sheesh, I can’t keep the days straight this week for some reason. I hope you all had great weekends! Ours was good. On Saturday, Drew stained the deck so that is one more project completely out of the way. Needless to say, he is really happy about that. We decided to go out for dinner on Saturday and tried the burger shop in Red Hook that I wrote about for the paper. It’s called Uncle Chippie’s Old Fashioned Burger Shop and it’s really good! If you’re in the area, give them a try. The owners are super nice and they have really creative burgers. I ordered the chili burger and Drew ordered the bruschetta burger. Of course, we split our meals so we could try both! The chili burger was SO good! I think I want to eat my way through all 14 specialty burgers, LOL! Next time: the stroganoff burger.

After dinner we ran to the supermarket to pick up beer and ice cream, and then headed home. Sunday morning I went grocery shopping by myself (!!!). I hit three stores and would have gone to Stop & Shop as well, but the traffic for the fair made it impossible. I had a hard enough time going straight through the intersection on 9/9G to head home, forget about turning right toward the fairgrounds.

I spent yesterday catching up on cleaning and laundry. The boys are going for a “vacation” at my parents for the next few days and I want to actually relax instead of spend the time cleaning like I usually do, LOL! In fact, I need to finish packing up their bags. I also need to prep dinner, since tonight I have to pick up our farm share. I hate when I am not organized and we end up eating late. I think I’m just going to make tacos tonight because that way I can just have everything ready.

Well, off to slice and dice!

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