Oh, I Remember!

Naturally, after I published the previous entry I immediately remembered what I had wanted to write about. This morning we got our Jeep back! Yep, $4,100 worth of damage. At least it’s all better now.

The body shop was in an area we’d never been before and while driving over there I saw at three or four dilapidated barns just calling out for me to take their photos. My mom is taking the boys for the weekend, so maybe on Saturday I’ll drive up there and snap some shots. What is it about falling-down barns that is so compelling? I guess the sense of history and the lonliness they evoke. Whatever it is, I’m drawn to it.


  1. Kathy says:

    My first comment!!!

    I love old barns. I don’t know if it is the old chipping paint, the immense size or the fact that they were made to last as long as they have. I made Mike go and take the one of the one near our house. I guess I am just nostalgic.

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