oh deer

Last night Drew and Jake went to the Hudson Valley Renegades game (which ended up getting rained out). They stuck it out until the final announcement was made, though, and they were rewarded with two tickets for another game in addition to their tickets last night acting as a rain check for the rained-out game. So it all worked out. Still, they got home pretty late. After Drew put Jake in bed he was telling me about a woman he saw pulled to the side of our very dark country road. Her hazards were on and he rolled down the window and asked if everything was okay. She was fine, but she had just hit a deer and needed to know the name of our road, the cross street, and the town.

Turns out she was driving a Porche SUV. Yikes! Which of course made me joke about the name — the Cayenne. I feel sorry for the lady, and this is no slight against her, but I just think it’s a dumb name for such a big vehicle. A lot of cars have kind of silly names, don’t you think? The Aviator (does the car fly, too?), the Probe (um… you can make your own joke there), the Brat… Of course, maybe they reflect the drivers’ personalities sometimes. You know what I would love to see? I think it would be hysterical for an auto manufacturer to roll out a new convertible, market it to middle-aged men in their mid-life crisis mode (because who else buys those things?) and call it (drumroll…) the Extenze. 😉

Thank you, thank you! I’m here ’till Friday and don’t forget to try the veal!


  1. jesser says:

    Hehe. We always laugh at Intrepid drivers because they are never ever EVER intrepid. EVER. They’re the slowest, most scared ones on the road, almost guaranteed. The other one we laugh at is “Armada” … gotta love a ginormous car named after a fleet of ships that is large and hard to maneuver. Good choice. 😉 And I’m sure you’ve heard the “no go” story, right?

  2. Laura says:

    Most cars have stupid names, in my opinion. Some of them really irritate me. 😉

    I hope they get to go to the makeup game. I see that your team is the single A affiliate of the Rays – that’s really cool! We finally have our own triple A team here and we are LOVING it!

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