oh christmas tree, oh christmas tree

… wherever are your ornaments?


Well, she might not be as bad as Jake was (he broke the antennas of an adorable snail ornament when he was Laura’s age), but she is without a doubt a huge pain when it comes to the tree. She loves taking the ornaments off and bringing them to me, whatever room I happen to be in. We have a whole bare spot that she’s already worked through. Our painstakingly decorated tree now has the ornaments just tossed toward the top, wherever we can get them to stay. Maybe Santa will fix it all when he delivers presents on Christmas Eve 😉 As much as I love our decorations, this year I am really ready to take it all down, just because I’m tired of scolding and chasing Laura around the house, and trying to rescue things before they break.

Next year it will be easier. The boys both know better (and have since about age 2, so that’s why I’m confident that next year won’t be such a problem). They’ve been very helpful redirecting her, and hanging things back up.

Hard to believe that Christmas is so close, though. I still have to finish wrapping some gifts — yikes!

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  1. You have to worry about your little girl, and I have to worry about my pup. Right now she’s actually barking at the light… weird dog!

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