No Sheep. No Wool.

It totally stinks when you make plans for something, look forward to it for months, and then end up not being able to follow through. I had planned on spending today at the Sheep & Wool festival for a little “me time” and shopping for gorgeous yarns. As it turned out, I have been feeling crappy and last night made the command decision that it would be best, sadly, to stay home. Luckily the down-time seems to be helping and I think I am on the upswing, but still šŸ™

Drew, being super awesome, still made sure I got my “me time” and took the boys out to run errands and get lunch. He also offered to swing by our local Subway franchise and pick up sandwiches for dinner to make things easy. I thought that was very sweet.

In other news, we are really enjoying our wood stove, especially on a chilly day like today. I am convinced it was a worthwhile investment. We still haven’t had to turn our (oil) heat on! I guess that’s about it. Things have not been too exciting since I’ve not been doing much of anything around here. I just hope I am better for next weekend (my birthday!). I always seem to get sick on my birthday. I would love to avoid that this year!

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  1. Feel better Carol. I am sick too. That sucks that you missed your outing to the Sheep & Wool festival. šŸ™ But you definitely need to take care of yourself!

    Well I will stop by next week to wish you a happy birthday! Any plans!?

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