No Rain, No Rainbows

petunia patio potsJust like the commercial says, right? The day started out gorgeous, then got all rainy and cold, and now it’s sunny again. What an odd summer. Anyway… I’m so tired today. After dropping Jake off at library camp, Drew, Noah and I went to run some errands at Target and Walmart (needed to get a curtain rod for Laura’s room as well as curtains for the bedrooms, and then some groceries). It was way more walking around than I’ve done in a while! I feel like a big baby, but it really did tire me out. I also didn’t get the greatest sleep last night, so I am sure that contributed a bit.

We got cute tan and red striped valances for Noah’s room and pretty brown valances with embroidered flowers for our room. For Laura’s room, which has the double window, we have two tiers — white sheers and then dark brown panels. I think they’re going to look so nice! We still have a bunch of stuff to put away, but we’re waiting for the plumber to finish up a couple things on the baseboards. I’d like to finalize all of the furniture placement, but we just have to wait. Drew remarked that he thought a plasma mount might be good on one of our walls, but I like the TV currently up there. (We have a small plasma TV in the kitchen — trust me,  nothing fancy!) And it’s really not big enough to necessitate a mount, LOL.

The guys got a little bit of the siding put up on the dormer this morning, but then like I said, it started raining. Let’s hope for a couple dry days this week to get it finished up!

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  1. I’m not looking forward to that after the baby part like that… I’m so tired now I can’t even imagine later with a new born lol…

  2. The rain is now pouring down as I write this.

    So you are doing lavender and brown in Laura’s room? Love it!

    I remember feeling SO tired walking around after the kids were born, and I didn’t even have a C!

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