No More Talking Fishtank

The title sounds crazy, right? Well, we have a 30-gallon fishtank, and when the water gets a little low, the filtration gets all noisy and splashy and it eerily sounds like people talking (especially if you happen to be really tired like myself right now). Tonight it was driving me absolutely crazy. I just put Jake to bed and I was cleaning up here in the kitchen and I had to go into our bedroom several times to listen to the monitor to see if he was calling me. He wasn’t, but damn if it didn’t sound like it. It’s happened to both Drew and myself — one night during the summer we both swore we heard muffled conversations (like if you’re eavesdropping at a party). Of course, it really was just the fishtank when we got up to check, but still… Freaky! So anyway, back to tonight. Right then and there I added water to the tank and it is so much quieter and so much more pleasant, and I won’t have the creepies when I’m trying to fall asleep tonight.

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