New Hutch

New hutch I have a small milk glass collection (some of which was given to me by my grandmother), and after Jake was born I had to put most of the pieces in storage because I was afraid he’d break something; there was no safe place to display it. A couple years ago I found out that I had quite a few bonds in my name, bought by the same grandmother who handed me down the milk glass, and I knew I wanted to use some of that money to buy a corner hutch to display my collection. I had a specific image in mind, but had a hell of a time finding it. You might think it would be an easy piece of furniture to find, but everything we saw was either overpriced or gaudy. Well last week on Drew saw this hutch and I really liked it so we decided to buy it. (It was made an even better deal by the fact that Drew found a $25 off coupon). At any rate, we got it the other day and he assembled it and I am so very pleased! The dark wood really shows off the glass and I love that there’s a light. In fact I have it on right now and it’s a nice “nightlight” just to keep the house from being too dark. I’m really not into a lot of knick-knacks, but for some reason I just adore milk glass and it makes me so happy that I now have a beautiful place to keep something that reminds me of my grandmother, and the hutch itself will always remind me of her as well. I’ll have to show her a photo the next time I visit (she’s in a nursing home now). I think she’ll like it, too!

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  1. I love milk glass also… I don’t have that many pieces, but I have a few… and that is such a beautiful hutch…

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