New Cookbook! New Purses! New Shirts!

I went on a little bit of a spending spree over the last two days. (I think Brooke is rubbing off on me, hee!) It all started yesterday at Kohl’s buy one get one free sale. I knew it was going to be dangerous when I walked in and saw all the signs. Actually, I really exercised restraint. I bought two shirts of this style, one black, and one black/cream paisley; two purses – one small black bag with white flowers embroidered all over it and one in kind of aqua/lime/cream floraly print; and some underthings. Drew kind of rolled his eyes when he saw the handbags, but I was using money I’d earned from blogging, so he couldn’t complain too much. And in my defense, I do have a few older bags that I’m ready to part ways with. I just need an afternoon to clean out my closest. (Why, yes, I am making excuses, and yes I am aware that I have no control when it comes to buying purses. But come on! Buy one get one!!!) And today I finally ordered myself a copy of the Vegan Lunchbox Cookbook. Although I am not vegan, I have really enjoyed Jennifer McCann’s blog and I’ve made a couple of her recipes — all of which garnered rave reviews by my family. Plus, who can resist those cute bento lunches? So I shall be eagerly awaiting its delivery.

Not much else to report. I have to fill out Jake’s kindgergarten paperwork; registration is next week. I can’t take the chance of not registering him and us being stuck here in the fall, so I’m going to get him ready to go and continue to hope that we move before September. Noah’s big thing these days is putting on a hat (either the construction hat or fireman’s hat), saddling up on the rocking horse, and saying “Yee haw!” over and over again. Jake’s really been into having dance parties lately. His moves crack me up. I love how they all have names; there’s “the bad walk,” “the wubbzy wiggle,” and something else that I’m forgetting. Together they are quite a pair, I assure you!

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  1. lol… your boys crack me up… how is the house selling stuff going?

    But I love what you got at kohl’s… hey post pics of the purses… they sound super cute!!!

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